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Space 1

Date: 6/22 (SAT) ~ 6/26 (Wed)
Artist Artwork
Juried Vorn Bill Copacabana Machine Sex

Bill Vorn, Copacabana Machine Sex, 2018. Robotic Performance, dimensions variable, 30"00.
* Produced with the help of The Canada Council for the Arts

Space 2

Date: 6/22 (SAT) ~ 6/28 (FRI)
Time: 10:00 - 18:00
Artist Artwork
Juried Brueckner Sophia Code That Sings Itself
Juried Deng Honghao, Li Jiabao, Sayegh Allen Twinkle: A Flying Lighting Companion for Urban Safety
Juried Dörfelt Matthias Face Trade
Juried Flint Jon, Jankauskas Vytautas Somestic Media(LastSeen, SoulMate, BreakingViews)
Juried Grant Jane, Auborn Jay, Manton Coral Between Us
Juried Griem Oliver divine mercy
Juried Gromova Vladlena, Paramonov Artem Cryptographer
Juried Gumiela Josh, Ryan Dave dreamBot
Juried Han Yoon Chung Eyes
Juried Kang Eunsu, Craig Donald, Poczos Barnabas, Li Chun-Liang, Ge Songwei, Dill Austin Aural Fauna: Illuminato
Juried Kim Hyun Ju Ex-Media Robot Symbiosis - ANT 2019
Juried Klein Tobias Glass Mutations III
Juried Knox Elena, Watanabe Katsumi Omikuji
Juried Kranidiotis Yiannis Cyma {Fos}
Juried Lancel Karen, Maat Hermen Shared Senses: Intimacy Data Symphony
Juried Laurenzo Tomas Memoirs of the Blind
Juried Lee Inmi, McDonald Kyle Mother
Juried Lee Marc 10.000 Moving Cities – Same but Different, AR (Augmented Reality)
Juried Lee Nancy, Bhumber Kiran Telepresence
Juried Lee Hye Rim Black Rose
Juried Li Jiabao, Deng Honghao, Michalatos Panagiotis TransVision: Exploring the State of the Visual Field in the Age of Extreme Augmentation
Juried López Solimán Limbology
Juried LOVOT LAB BUDDA I + STAND I + The monument of robot ethics
Juried Lyle Kimberly After Words
Juried Monte Patrick, Questa Brian Anomy, for U.S. News
Juried Mosher Matthew Secrets of the Dark
Juried Nam Hye Yeon Invisible
Juried Nohlab Studio Arium
Juried Oh Jooyoung, Lee Byungjoo Artificial Viewer for Appreciation of Interactive Art Surrogates
Juried Oury Jeremy, Briot Antoine IMMERSIVE
Juried Quévillon François Manuvres
Juried Robles Angel Claudia MINDSCAPE
Juried Rondeau Louis-Philippe LIMINAL
Juried Schindel Jens, Dufner Timo XSICHT
Juried Seo Jinsil Hwaryoung, Bruner Michael Upwell: Performative Immersion
Juried Shogaolo Tamara, Ado Ato Pictures Tamara Shogaolo (Ado Ato Pictures) Another Dream
Juried Toots Timo Memopol-3
Juried Unemi Tatsuo, Bisig Daniel Rapid biography in a society of evolutionary lovers — facial icon version
Juried Wong John RuShi
Juried XRT  I AM/WERE HERE/THERE #1 & #2
Juried Yoe Winnie, Gao Chenshan Smile, Please
Juried Zics Brigitta Pachinko Machine
Invited-Australia Art Council Darkson Brad Old light (reflection)
Invited-Australia Art Council Groom Amala The Visibility of Blackness
Invited-Australia Art Council Zada Raymond At Face Value
Local Engaged Lauren McCarthy Smarter Home

Space 5

ISEA2019 Special Exhibition - Lux Aeterna
Date: 6/22 (SAT) ~ 7/28 (SUN)
Time: 10:00 - 18:00
Organized by Art Center Nabi and Sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT, KOFAC(Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity), Embassy of France Korea, French Institute of Seoul, The Japan Foundation Seoul
Artist Artwork
Juried Akamatsu Nelo Chozumaki
Juried Côté Jean-Philippe Yöti, The Algortihmic Portrait Artist
Juried Cummins Rebecca, DeMarinis Paul Moon Pointer
Juried Deutschbauer Arno, Scherabon Herwig, Fliszar Lukas, Ari Michael Afterlife
Juried Jankauskas Vytautas, Flint Jon, Souza de Felipe, Martinez Aline, Mateus Joana, Bouttier Clément, Dzelzkanlns Ryan Cached
Juried Jasielski Przemyslaw Oracle
Juried Kuchera-Morin Joann, Rincon Gustavo, Kim Kon Hyong, Cabrera Andres ETHERIAL - Quantum Form from the Virtual to the Material
Juried Kurokawa Ryoichi unfold.alt
Juried Lee Han LamX
Juried Molina Maria One Year Life Strata
Juried Neimeyer Timo Value Manifesto, Decryptor (Edition of 250)
Juried Ribeaux Tiare, Stillwater Tiare Cyanovisions:The Transmutation of Light Harvesting Bodies
Juried Uozumi Goh New Order / Siren Call?
Juried Young David Learning Nature
Invited Benayoun Maurice, Klein Tobias and Mendoza Nicolas Value of Values
Invited Moura João Martinho How Computers Imagine Humans?
Invited Roomtone  In the Gray

Benayoun Maurice, Klein Tobias, Mendoza Nicolas, Value of Values, 2019. 3D graphic generator, EEG headband, Blockchain, trading platform, computers, HD screens, massage chairs, projectors, QR ticket printer, touch screen, speakers, dimensions variable.

Roomtone, In the Gray, 2018. Virtual Reality and Video Installation, computer, Oculus Rift, projector, speaker, dimensions variable, 600.

Asia Plaza - Media Wall

Juried Screening
Date: 6/22 (SAT) ~ 6/28 (FRI)
Time: 10:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.
PLACE : Asia Culture Center - Asia Plaza (Media Wall)
* Under the detailed topics of ISEA2019: Aeternitas, Symphonia, Illuminatio, and Penumbra, 9 selected works are presented on ACC Media wall three times a day during the whole ISEA2019 Exhibition period.
A.M. 10:00-12:00 P.M. 16:00-18:00 P.M. 20:00-22:00
Symphonia: Harmony of Noise Light seen and unseen, Moonlight and Higgs boson inverted Ian Clothier
Media Art which makes the city environment into music (Walking alone on a clear night) Jungki Baek and Hyung-Gi Kim
Blocked : Sound Sensitivity Luca M. Damiani
Penumbra : In-between U$AAR Sandra Araujo
Illuminato: Enlightment of A.I&A.E Confidential Records: Dual Metropolitans Qianwen Qu
Poetic Ai Eylul Duranagac and Ferdi Alici
Aeternitas: Eternity of the Mortal Saturn Return Justin Harvey
Saturn Return Krista Steinke
Data Stones Peter Nelson

Light seen and unseen, Moonlight and Higgs boson inverted - Ian Clothier
(2013-2019. Duration : 15 min)
#Symphonia: Harmony of Noise

Media Art which makes the city environment into music(Walking alone on a clear night) - Jungki Baek and Hyung-Gi Kim
(2018. Duration : 7 min)
#Symphonia: Harmony of Noise

Blocked : Sound Sensitivity - Luca M. Damiani
(2018. Duration : 14 min))
#Symphonia: Harmony of Noise

U$AAR - Sandra Araujo
(2018. Duration : 4 min))
# Penumbra: In-between

Confidential Records: Dual Metropolitans - Quianwen Qu
(2016-2018. 10 min)
# Illuminato: Enlightment of A.I&A.E

Poetic Ai - Eylul Duranagac and Ferdi Alici
(2018. Duration : 15 min)
# Illuminato: Enlightment of A.I&A.E

Saturn Return - Justin Harvey
(2018. Duration : 5 min)
#Aeternitas: Eternity of the Mortal

Sun Notations - Krista Steinke
(2016-2018. Duration : 16 min)
#Aeternitas: Eternity of the Mortal

Data Stones - Peter Nelson
(2019. Duration : 3 min)
#Aeternitas: Eternity of the Mortal

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