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Title [ISEA2019 Residency Finalists Announcement]
Writer ISEA2019 Date 2018-11-30 Hit 1114
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[ISEA2019 Residency Finalists Announcement]

ISEA2019 is pleased to announce the finalists for the Residency Program with Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea. ISEA2019 in partnership with Asia Culture Center operates a global residency program for media artists addressing the themes of ISEA2019: Aeternitas, Symphonia, Illuminatio, and Penumbra. The finalists are listed below:

Ralph Borland

Carlos Castellanos and Bello Bello

Johnny Diblasi

Audrey Samson and Francisco Gallardo

We welcome the residents who are invited to propose all kinds of innovative concepts and ideas in relation to the themes of ISEA2019. The residency program will last for around 2 months, from May to June 2019. We expect a lively interaction and networking between artists, technicians, developers, researchers as well as fruitful results. The results of the residency will be showcased during ISEA2019 and the successful applicants may have an opportunity to present their works before the general public during the symposium next year.

The details of the residency schedule and information will be announced by email.

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