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Please note that the schedule is subject to change in accordance with circumstances.

Daily schedule June 25(Tue.)

Venue Session Type Time Program
Academic Symposium Keynote Session
Conference hall - 10:00-10:50 Keynote Session 2: The dark side of light
Michael Doser
(Senior research physicist at CERN, Switzerland)
Conference hall - 13:30-14:20 Keynote Session 3: Transforming Cultures, Connecting the World
Sook-Kyung Lee (Senior Curator, International Art at Tate
Modern, Republic of Korea)
Academic Symposium Special Session (Open to Public)
Conference hall - 14:30-17:00 Special session 1: Nam June Paik and Korean Media Art:
Beyond í«Hackingí» into Arts as Open System

- CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) & Nam June Paik
Wonkon Yi (Professor, Dankook University)
- A study on Early Korean Media Art: Based on Experimental Art and the Influence of Nam June Paik
Hijung Min (Art Theory)
- Indeterminacy: Nam June Paikí»s Experiments with Electronic Television
Hee-Young Kim (Professor, Ph.D. Art History Chair of the Department of Fine Arts College of Arts, Kookmin University)
- Science-Technology-Art, Explore Attempts at convergence in Korea: Toward Post Nam June Paik
Wonjoon Yoo (Professor, Department of Art, Yeungnam University)
- Art for Cybernated Life, Art beyond the Boundaries
Hyun Jean Lee (Associate Professor, The Graduate School of Communication and Arts, Yonsei University / Director, X-Media Art & Research Center, ICONS, Yonsei Univeristy)
Academic Symposium Paper/Panel Session (Parallel Session)
Session 1-1. Ecological Art
Chair : Reynaldo Thompson (University of Guanajuato)
Lecture room 1 Papers 11:15-11:35 - 987. Cognitive Assemblages in Ecological / Digital Art
Scott Rettberg
11:35-11:55 - 211. Plant Based Bio-Drone for Environmental Monitoring in The Amazon
Zane Cerpina
11:55-12:15 - 561. Approaching Sustainability: Generative Art, Complexity, and Systems Thinking
Aleksandra Dulic and Miles Thorogood
12:15-12:35 - 569. Heterochronicity: Historicizing Drainage and Enlightenment in Mexican Ecological Art
Claudia Pederson
Session 1-2. Data Visualization and Sonification
Chair : Wonjae Lee (KAIST)
Lecture room 2 Papers 11:15-11:35 - 199. Multimodal Data Portrait for Representing Mobile Phone Use Behavior
Sihwa Park (UCSB)
11:35-11:55 - 673. Memex in the Mirror Using Social Media to Visualize Collective Thought in Real-time
Ian Willcock
11:55-12:10 - 777. Windward | Windword : Elemental Metaphors for Data Art
Joel Ong
Session 1-3. Interactive Art #2
Chair : Pat Badani (ISEA International)
Community room 2 Papers 11:15-11:30 - 985. Memoirs of the Blind: surveillance, speed, and interaction
Tomas Laurenzo
11:30-11:45 - 856. The Gaze of the Artwork: Seeing Machines and Interactive Art
Raivo Kelomees
11:45-12:00 - 676. The body at the heart of the artwork
Aurelie Besson
Session 1-4
Training room 1 Panel 11:15-12:15 - 603. Practices and Poetics of Urban Media Art in the Shadows of the Illuminated City
Stephanie DeBoer, Elliot Woods and Kristy H.A. Kang
Session 2-1. Human-Robot Interaction
Chair : Byungjoo Lee (KAIST)
Lecture room 1 Papers 14:30-14:50 - 597. Twinkle: A Flying Lighting Companion for Urban Safety
Honghao Deng, Jiabao Li and Allen Sayegh
14:50-15:10 - 317. Humanoid Robot Magic: various responses and communication
Jeehyun Yang, Jaesik Jeong and Jacky Baltes
Session 2-2. Internet Art
Chair : Sihwa Park
Lecture room 2 Papers 14:30-14:50 - 872. Mobile Art: The Art of the Social
Larissa Hjorth
14:50-15:10 - 823. Lifemirror: On the Circulation of Light in Networks
Oliver Case
15:10-15:30 - 873. Using the Internet as a platform to destabilise gallery spaces, curation and artistic practice
Carly Whitaker
Session 2-3. Digital Performance
Chair : Mike Phillips (ISEA International, Plymouth University)
Community room 2 Papers 14:30-14:45 - 323. The dance of the wobbulator
Sara Bonaventura
14:45-15:00 - 401. The Piano-of-Lights: a visual-music instrument for FullDome display
Yan Breuleux and Remi Lapierre
15:00-15:15 - 990. Misplaced Euphoria: ?Developing Kinesthetic Empathy Through Interactive Performance
Kyungho Lee
15:15-15:30 - 249. AIBO: An Emotionally Intelligent Artificial Intelligence Brainwave Opera Proof of Concept
Ellen Pearlman
Session 3-2. VR/AR - Social
Chair : Moon-Ryul Jung (Sogang University)
Lecture room 2 Papers 15:45-16:00 - 972. Colors for All : Immersive Narrative 360 Video for Color Blind Awareness
Eunsun Chu, Jacqueline Gonzalez, Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo and Caleb Kicklighter
16:00-16:15 - 346. Forgotten Landscapes: Interactive Virtual Reality in Public Art
Ha Na Lee and James Hughes
16:15-16:30 - 615. Temporal hybrids: using augmented reality to re-imagine the affordances of natural objects
Anna Madeleine Raupach
Session 3-3
Community room 2 Panel 15:45-16:45 - 968. Curating Games in the Asia Pacific Region
Hugh Davies, Kyle Chung and Yang Jing
Session 4-1. Game Art and Digital Narrative #2
Chair : Byungjoo Lee (KAIST)
Lecture room 1 Papers 17:00-17:20 - 495. Of Insects, Wisps, and Uncertainty: A Hermeneutical Comparative Analysis of Ori and the Blind Forest and Hollow Knight
Benjamin Horn
17:20-17:40 - 948. Hauntalogy, the Penumbra, and the Narratives of Play Experience
Lindsay Grace
17:40-17:55 - 257. Lightening the Hiatuses of Story: A Discussion on Intervals in Storytell-ing of Interactive Documentary
Chanjun Mu
Session 4-2. VR/AR - Virtual Self
Chair : Scott Rettberg (University of Bergen)
Lecture room 2 Papers 17:00-17:15 - 839. Without Stones there is no Arch. Subjectivity and Identity Production in Virtual World Aesthetics
Francisco Gerardo Toledo Ramirez
17:15-17:30 - 731. Biometric Visceral Interface - A Soft Robotic Immersive System for Extended Perception
Mengyu Chen, Jing Yan and Yin Yu
17:30-17:45 - 748. Facing Death and Afterlife in Electronic Art
Stahl Stenslie
17:45-18:05 - 457. TransVision: Exploring the States of the Visual Field in the Age of Extreme Augmentation
Jiabao Li, Honghao Deng and Panagiotis Michalatos
Session 4-3
Community room 2 Panel 17:00-18:00 - 481. Out of sight, out of mind
Charlotte Gould, Paul Sermon and Jeremiah Ambrose
(additional panelists: Diego Diaz and Prof Clara Boj from the University of Valencia)
Academic Symposium Poster/Demo Session
Special Hall 1
(Library Park)
- 10:00-17:00 Poster/Demo Session
* For more details, please refer to the link below:
ISEA2019_Poster/Demo Session Program
Artistic Program Artist Talk
Conference Hall - 12:00-13:00 Subject. Media Performance
Chair : Su Hyun Nam (Syracuse University)
Curated | Sensitive System
Tacit Group
- 1096. Spatiotemporal reconstruction of dance movement
Jeong-Seob Lee
Malitzin Cortes, Ivan Abreu
Lounge of Space 5 - 16:00-16:15 Subject. TransVision
- 145. TransVision: Exploring the State of the Visual Field in the Age of Extreme Augmentation
Jiabao Li, Honghao Deng, Panagiotis Michalatos
- 16:15-17:00 Subject. Data Visualization I
Chair : Su Hyun Nam (Syracuse University)
- 1068. Seeking for Ourliers
Younghui Kim
- 728. Bloodie Writes an Anthem
Rebecca Ruige Xu, Sean Hongsheng Zhai
- 302. Deconstructing and reconstructing a periodical archive by tracking, tagging, and extracting images of faces
Ana Jofre, Kathleen Brennan, Vincent Berardi
- 17:00-18:00 Subject. Data Visualization II
Chair : Su Hyun Nam (Syracuse University)
- 612. Involuntary Journeys - Interactive Storytelling on a Mapping Platform
Mechthild Schmidt Feist
- 1103. Turbidity Paintings: Four Years In
Thomas Asmuth, Sara Gevurtz
- 636. Vapor as Tectonic Element to Sculpt Microclimate in Architectural Space
Honghao deng, Jiabao Li, Xuesong Zhang, Panagiotis Michalatos
Artistic Program Performance & Talk Concert
Space 4 - 20:00- 20:30 Juried Performance 5
Michela Pelusio <SpaceTime Helix>
Lounge of Space 5 - 11:00-12:30 Special Exhibition <Lux Aeterna> Talk Concert
Artistic Program Education
Multi-purpose Hall, ACC Children - 10:00-14:00 Kids Media Art Camp
[Camp] Action Vol 1. Delicious Lab

- Delicious Action! 3
Local Engaged Program
Media 338,
Gwangju Cultural Foundation
- 17:00-19:00 Curated Workshop / Showcase (Performance)
Marcus Neustetter <Searching Darkness> In collaboration with Radford University (USA), College of Visual and Performing Arts, Department of Dance.
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