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The City of Light, Gwangju


Gwangju, the city of light, is located in the southwestern part of South Korea. It is the capital of the Honam region.

For centuries, Gwangju has been regarded as a city rich in culture and art. With diverse kinds of exhibitions and performances taking place,
Gwangju acts as the Home of the Arts, staying vibrant and colorful.

  • Central City of Asian Culture where Culture and Art Lives & Breathes
  • A World Leading City of Cultural Contents
  • Home of the best Korean food in the world
  • Sixth largest city in the country
  • Area : 501.25km2
  • Population : 1.49 million

The name Gwangju () is composed of two characters which literally mean light and town'.
Gwangju has hosted many events large and small, such as the Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju World Photonics
Expo in 2010, Gwangju Media Art Festival and Arts & Creative Technology (ACT) Festival. Gwangju Metropolitan
City proudly became a new member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network's media arts sector in 2014.
Through the grand experiment of light, which is the combination of the region's artistic, industrial, and social
assets and media arts, the city of Gwangju is ready to become a globally active City of Media Arts.

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