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Please note that the schedule is subject to change in accordance with circumstances.

Exhibition & Performance schedule

Time Venue Session Type Program
Artistic Programs
Jun. 22-28 10:00-18:00 Space 2 Juried Exhibition
Jun. 22-28 08:00-22:00 Asia Plaza
(Media Wall)
Juried Screening
Jun. 22-Jul. 28 10:00-18:00 Space 5 Special Exhibition <LUX AETERNA>
Organized by Art Center Nabi under the auspices of the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity (KOFAC)
Jun. 22-28 10:00-19:00 Space 1, 3, 4 ACT Festival 2019 - FoodHack
Organized by Asia Culture Institute (ACI) under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea
Jun. 22-Aug. 4 10:00-18:00 Space 1, 3, 4 ACT Showcase, ACT Archive, Screening
Jun.22-26 14:00-14:30
Space 1 Bill Vorn <Copacabana Machine Sex>
Sponsored by Art Center Nabi
Jun. 22 19:00-20:00 Space 4 Sabina Hyoju Ahn <BREATH>
ISEA2019 X ACT Festival 2019
Alexis Langevin-Tetrault <Interferences (String Network)>
ISEA2019 X ACT Festival
Jun. 23 19:00-19:30 Theater 1 Nohlab <Deep Space Music>
Jun. 23 19:00-20:00 Space 4 Monica Vlad <Lost, but not lost forever>
ISEA2019 X ACT Festival
ISEA2019 X ACT Festival
Jun. 25 14:30-14:50 Space 2 Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat <Shared Senses: Intimacy Data Symphony>
Jun. 25 20:00-20:30 Space 4 Michela Pelusio <SpaceTime Helix>
ISEA2019 X ACT festival
Jun. 26 15:00-15:10 Space 2 Claudia Robles-Angel <MINDSCAPE>
Opening Performance
Jun. 24 20:30-20:50 Asia Plaza (Media Wall) LeeNam Lee, Robolink & Pablo Air, GongMyoung, Art Center Nabi <Drunken Drone>(2019)
Closing Performance
Jun. 27 20:00-21:00 Gwangju Traditional Culture Center <Fiat Lux>(2019)
Local Engaged Performance
Jun. 25 17:00-19:00 Media 338, Gwangju Cultural Foundation Marcus Neustetter <Searching Darkness>
In collaboration with Radford University (USA), College of Visual and Performing Arts, Department of Dance.
Local Engaged Program
Jun. 22-28 10:00-17:00 Space 2 AAI-Zero1 Workshop Exhibition <Smarter Home>
Lauren McCarthy
Organized by Gwangju Cultural Foundation
Jun. 22-28 10:00 - 18:00 Asia Plaza, ACC Cultural Exchange, ACC Theater Chosun University Department of Art - Media Art Production
Organized by Chosun University Linc+ Industry-University Cooperation, Gwangju Cultural Foundation

Drunken Drone, 2019. Media Performance (LED, Drone). 13min.

The opening performance Drunken Drone (2019) highlights the intimate relationship between humans and machines by giving personality to a drone as a personal medium that enjoys nature and understands other's feelings. The demons in the form of a drunken drone sympathize with the woman who is experiencing difficult times in life and comfort her by turning the hidden rice into alcohol.

The hidden 'rice' symbolizes the sorrow and joy we as human beings experience in a lifelong journey and at the same time the internal conflicts and various social traumas. ΅®Rice΅― is set as the first cause of all conflicts, and as a means for survival.

The digital demon as a drunken drone comes as a light which comforts human beings as they confront the limitations which they can never overcome by themselves. Beyond the characteristics of the existing media, drones exist as a personal medium that understands human beings more than the human themselves and creates a connection between humans and machines that can only be achieved through the drink, which is interpreted as a light, which sublimates the pain and affection felt by humans in light of the modern civilized society.

Artist LeeNam Lee
Drone Design & Technology Robolink & Pablo Air
Music GongMyoung (Sun Il Kang, Seung Won Park, Kyong Keun Song, Young Ju Lim)
Gayageum Ji Hyun Lee
Performer Su Ji Jang
Modular Ji Hye Woo
Violin Soo Hyun Jang
Pansori Eun Hye Jung
Stage Management Jae Man Song
Stage Lighting Jun Kwon Kim
Photography Tae Seung Oh
* Artwork Commissioned by Art Center Nabi
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